MNC Engineering LLC

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MNC Engineering LLC is an engineering company dedicated to the development of high efficiency Internal Combustion Engines.

It has a US patent 9,194,287 and a PCT application has been published on a novel type of Spark Ignition Engine with features enabling an astonishing (up to) 72% improvement in fuel efficiency. The following webpage description of the engine is oriented toward those readers who have some familiarity with internal combustion engines and how they operate. It's as nontechnical as we can make it. 

While internal combustion engineers will implicitly understand what is presented here, those of you with no practical knowledge may wish to discuss the concepts reflected here with your more technically minded friends.


October 2017 -        Selected again as one of the top 100 ideas in the Create the Future contest for 2017!

September 2016 -  The Create the Future Contested listed the Hyper4 engine in its top 100 of notable ideas. Popular voting listed it as the number 1 choice in the

                                     automotive/transportation category.

September 2016 -   Under the auspices of the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) the Hyper4 application WO2016137607 was published.

November 2015 -    Patent Number 9,194,287 B1 was officially issued by the United States Patent Office.